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Editing Services

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Developmental Editing

.017 cents per word


Developmental edits consist of looking at the complete structure of your story (plot, characters, pacing, voice) and checking for any weak spots. You will be provided with inline comments throughout the manuscript, as well as a summary of feedback.

Focus Points:

  • Plot analysis​​

  • Character(s) analysis

  • Analysis of your story as a whole

  • Pacing and flow

  • Show, don't tell

  • Dialogue flow

  • inline feedback

  • summary/critique of your full manuscript

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Line Editing

.013 cents per word

In this editing process, I will comb through your manuscript line by line, providing inline suggestions on how to revise or clean up your manuscript. This form of editing will focus more on sentence structure, flow, and how to tweak things to make your writing as smooth and beautiful as possible.

Focus Points:

  • Inline comments

  • Sentence structure and flow

  • Errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling

  • Dialogue structure

  • Show, don't tell 

  • Passive voice

  • Word choice

  • Basic fact-checking

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.01 cents per word

Your book is all done and has been edited through, but you need another set of eyes to go through your manuscript and find any pesky typos and errors that are just a little too good at hiding.

Focus Points:

  • Typos

  • Tense consistency

  • Misspellings

  • Deleting unnecessary words

  • Dialogue structure and formatting

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Passive voice

  • inconsistencies (capitalization and so on)

Developmental and Line Editing Bundles
.040 cents per word

This editing combo is meant for authors looking to get the most bang for their buck. It combines every focus point in both line editing and developmental editing, and puts them all into a single package. Why pay more for two services when you can save money and pay for one?

Custom payment plans available!

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