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Works In Progress

I'm just a girl with WAY too many stories in my head. Here are some of my current projects that I'm working on!

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Valor and Vengeance

Book 2 of the Witching Hour series

coming to Kindle Vella spring 2023

wide release October 2023

I can't divulge too much about book 2 without giving away major spoilers, but this book is very near and dear to my heart. Ollie loses something very precious to her in this book, and it quite literally shatters her world, leaving her reeling and lost in a sea of despair. When I originally started this book in 2021, I found Ollie's grief to be too much, and I had to put the book aside. 


Flash forward to about a year later, and I lost my mom tragically and suddenly. Writing through Ollie's pain and gried has helped me in so many ways. This character I'd created, who has so many pieces of me in her, was going through the same thing as me. And suddenly, I didn't feel so alone. Getting back to her book this past year has been really helpful in this unfamiliar journey of life I find myself navigating through without my mom. 

I'm glad to have Ollie with me to wade through the bullshit. Though, I will say that this has been the hardest book I've had to write so far. I'm excited to be nearly done with it's most recent draft, and look forward to putting it out into the world on Kindle Vella sometime this spring, and then releasing it via hardback and Kindle Unlimited in October!

A Long Ride to Redemption


If you like romantic fantasy adventures with a western vibe and a splash of darkness, I think you'll enjoy A Long Ride to Redemption. Like all of my stories, it came to me as a dream. One I still remember vividly after three years. This one has a few of my favorite tropes in it:

  • grumpy/sunshine

  • the child (Mandalorian vibes)

  • light and darkness

  • redemption arc

  • reluctant hero

Here's the blurb if you'd like to learn a bit more about it. It's projected to come out sometime late next year. (It's in the editing stages before being sent off to the editor).

Blythe’s life has completely changed in just five short years.


From being a lady of the court, and sister to a queen, she is now the sole caretaker for her fallen sister’s children—a twin boy and girl with powers of light and darkness. After a fateful night five years ago, Blythe and the twins have spent their lives trying to live as normally as possible, while still remaining undetected. But on their tenth birthday, the twins' once dormant powers begin to emerge, and they are once again in danger.


When a handsome, though gruff and mysterious demon hunter saves Blythe’s life and is witness to a magical accident brought on by the children, he agrees to take them to a distant land where they will be safe from those hunting them. But the mysterious gunslinger, Arthur Maddox, has an agenda of his own— one that could doom them all.


Despite the very different paths they’ve led, fate has found Blythe and Arthur walking the same road. But will that road lead to happily ever after or blood shed?

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